How do you measure the success of a board review?

An easy trap for inexperienced chairs is to measure the success of a board review based on a report or discussion. Instead, the best measure is typically tracking the actions that are taken as a result of the review. 

The benefits of an action-oriented board review process include:

  • building credibility in the board review process as an exercise that delivers meaningful change rather than just discussion;
  • enabling an ongoing growth mindset across the board that will make future performance improvement an easier process;
  • focussing the board’s attention to issues that it has the capacity to change;
  • providing clear goals that can be measured in the next review process; and
  • identifying issues that can be tested in the next review

The focus on action should result in a work plan that the board can come back and review to determine if any progress has been made. It is this plan of action that you can use to measure the overall impact and effectiveness of the review. 

Looking back in 12 months, a board review process should generally be considered as successful if it delivers meaningful actions that improve board performance.

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