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The most comprehensive toolkit for board review and evaluation

Mobile ready

Mobile ready

Our full toolkit (surveys, reporting and capability map) are usable on mobile. Perfect for busy directors on the go.
Ready for boards of any scale

Ready for boards of any scale

Board Outlook is completely customisable to the scale and challenges of your organisation and board.
Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

Detailed reporting on the performance, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for your board
Easy to use

Easy to use

Intuitive and trusted questionnaires that get to the heart of board performance.
Built on best practice

Built on best practice

The Board Outlook toolkit is built on best practice. Leverage our capability map for your scale and maturity.
Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Real support, when you need it. Our team is here to help every step of the way.

Board Outlook delivers a comprehensive toolkit for board evaluation and review. Our structured feedback approach builds a validated picture of your board's strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth.

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About the BoardOutlook approach

The Board Outlook toolkit is comprised of three modules which collect detailed feedback on board capabilities and performance, director strengths and weaknesses and overall team dynamics.

01. Board evaluation

The board evaluation is a review of the behaviours and capability of the board as a whole. The evaluation covers 24 distinct capability/behavioural areas within six broad review areas (approach, people, organisational oversight, strategy, board process and productivity, and leadership).

02. Director 360

The Director 360 is a review of the behaviours and capability of an individual director from board, internal and external stakeholders. The Director 360 is most actionable and useful for the individual director. Full feedback is only available to the individual director (with a non-identified capabilities report available to the board as a whole).

03. Board dynamics review

The Board Dynamics Review is a review of the style of each individual director, and any consequent challenges that may emerge as a result of similarities or differences to the rest of the board. The Board Dynamics Review is built on two widely used and validated personality/approach psychometric measures. This component is actionable and useful for each individual director and the chair in understanding the styles and preferences of different directors and the board as a whole.

For Directors

The Board Outlook toolkit is focused on the individual first. Our focusĀ is making each individual a better board director (which has the consequence of improving the performance of the board as a whole).

Typical board evaluations are often perceived as circumstantially biased, motivated by agendas, and unhelpful for individual non-executive director development.

Because the Board360 brings feedback from all areas of your professional life, the feedback is less biased and more compelling in terms of strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities.

For consultants

For consultants, Board Outlook is a comprehensive toolkit to power your board evaluation and reviews. Our tools automate feedback collection, data processing and report preparation. This integrated workflow saves days, as well as delivering rapid turnaround.

Consultants have access to a custom report preparation tool that allows you to customise results for presentation back to the organisation.

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