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How often a board should review its performance depends on a range of factors. Whilst the starting point is generally any regulatory requirement, there are also a range of other factors to consider when thinking about the right review and performance improvement cycle.

Due to COVID-19 there was a need to move to different governance routines so much so it created almost a new governance environment, and the line between management and the board shifted out of necessity. Almost a year on, many of these changes have remained firmly in place. It’s now time to move back from some of these governance changes in a thoughtful way, the question is how far back should we go and which changes need to remain.

When mainstream comedians write comedy sketches about Zoom that are trending on YouTube you know that COVID-19 changed online meetings forever! Board meetings have changed too with Board members joining Zoom, Teams and Hangouts from their phones, iPads and desktops wherever they are in the world.

As with any profession, there are good board review consultants and those that are less effective. Engaging someone who has both depth and breadth of experience

Lockdown shone a spotlight on different ways of working, in particular remote working, and the work health and safety issues associated with it. Companies had to think about how to provide better support to their employees and it was a real impetus to reexamine safety at work from a new perspective. Moving forward there is still a lot that needs to be done to ensure employees remain safe at work, wherever that is.

Over nearly forty-five years I’ve accumulated a wide array of leadership experience, both as a leader in my own right and as a close colleague of other leaders. I have occupied senior leadership roles in government, small and large business, professional sport, trade unions, universities, industry associations and not-for-profit bodies