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When mainstream comedians write comedy sketches about Zoom that are trending on YouTube you know that COVID-19 changed online meetings forever! Board meetings have changed too with Board members joining Zoom, Teams and Hangouts from their phones, iPads and desktops wherever they are in the world.

As with any profession, there are good board review consultants and those that are less effective. Engaging someone who has both depth and breadth of experience

Over nearly forty-five years I’ve accumulated a wide array of leadership experience, both as a leader in my own right and as a close colleague of other leaders. I have occupied senior leadership roles in government, small and large business, professional sport, trade unions, universities, industry associations and not-for-profit bodies

To help boards who are confronting a crisis, we’ve published this comprehensive crisis management checklist. The questions below provide comprehensive coverage across

An advisory board is very different to a legal board of directors. Whilst a legal board of directors has to meet certain requirements and standards imposed by legislation, regulation and contemporary practice, an advisory board has no such constraints

In almost all cases, the answer to this question is yes. The board impacts the business through the management team. The board does not govern the organisation in isolation. The management team bring important perspective about the impact of the board throughout the organisation. This in and of itself is a powerful reason to include them