Government and regulators

Government and regulatory users can leverage BoardOutlook as a suggested or required tool for measuring board performance across any group of organisations. Government and regulatory users benefit from the full set of board features, plus: 

  • The benefit of a standardised approach – The bespoke nature of most board review processes makes industry level understanding and interpretation difficult. BoardOutlook standardises questions and benchmarks for easy interpretation and analysis.
  • A centralised dashboard to track metrics and performance across multiple organisation – We work with you to implement a centralised dashboard for the overall cohort, investigating any key areas of interest. Boards and directors also have access to individual reporting and tracking.
  • Track longitudinal and cohort data – Full data aggregation and reporting to assess the effectiveness of regulatory intervention in driving behavioural change.
  • BoardOutlook deliver a rigorous approach to self assessment – BoardOutlook uses a range of tested question sets and assessments to deliver rigorous self assessment. We overcome many of the traditional challenges of self assessment by diagnosing maturity and delivering tailored questions that are specific to boards at similar stage and scale.
  • We can help you dive deeper – Leverage our question architecture which can dynamically dive deeper on the basis of responses to investigate behaviours and context.
  • Bring a developmental focus to improving performance – The BoardOutlook platform is designed with a developmental approach that’s focused on understanding current state and opportunities to improve performance. For regulators or government bodies, BoardOutlook can simultaneously deliver oversight and help boards to improve performance.
  • Go deeper in understanding the impacts of diversity and approach – Our Board Approach Psychometric measures true diversity of thought and approach across the board. This delivers a substantially deeper view on the causes of performance than superficial diversity or attribute based reporting.
  • Managed infrastructure and tech support – BoardOutlook manage all infrastructure and tech support within agreed SLAs, to deliver an exceptional experience for end clients.

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