Not-for-profit organisations benefit from a BoardOutlook grant of up to $50k to support good governance

BoardOutlook makes grants available to eligible not-for-profit organisations for use against BoardOutlook software and services. Under this program not for profit organisations with annual revenue of up to $50m can apply for a grant of up to $50k (which fully covers a standard annual review process).

Why is BoardOutlook a better alternative for your not-for-profit board?

Much more than just a survey

BoardOutlook delivers a comprehensive toolkit for board review and reporting. The platform includes modules for board review and evaluation, skills matrix, board approach (team psychometric), individual director 360s and director screening / recruitment.

The right questions for every type of board

BoardOutlook uses research supported questions, tested for efficacy across hundreds of organisations. We have multiple frameworks ready for boards of all challenges and maturity levels. These frameworks intelligently dive deeper, asking directors for behaviours and examples ensuring a substantial level of qualitative feedback.

Automatic follow up and report compilation

BoardOutlook provides end-to-end workflow management to ensure a hassle free board review processes. The BoardOutlook platform automates follow-ups and reporting, saving days of time and hassle.

Benchmarks, trends and alignment

The BoardOutlook platform gives you the benefit of data and benchmarks. Understand board/management alignment, longitudinal trends and compare the behaviours of your board and organisation to those of others in similar industries facing similar challenges.

Confidentiality and security by design

Traditional board review processes introduce substantial confidentiality risks through data collection and compilation of results. BoardOutlook delivers end to end security and encryption, supported by annual audits and penetration tests.

More than a static report (with integrated actions)

Move beyond static PDF reports with an interactive action framework. Directors can interact with the report by applying flags and comments to any recommendations or result items. Flags can be used to indicate areas for immediate attention, further investigation and board discussion


Apply for the BoardOutlook not-for-profit grant today

Eligible not-for-profit organisations receive a grant of up to $50k for use against BoardOutlook software and services.

See BoardOutlook in action:

Board evaluation

  • The board evaluation is a holistic review of the behaviours and capability of the board as a whole
  • The evaluation covers all key review areas, with different templates available by type of organisation, board maturity and review depth.

Skills matrix

  • An automated and accurate solution to monitor board capability. Get an instant look at how your board stacks up against a proven skills and capability matrix
  • Directors answer an intuitive questionnaire and can validate through their network if required.
  • Integrate with the BoardOutlook recruiting module to instantly see the impact of new candidates on board dynamics and capability.

Board approach

  • A review of the style of each individual director built on a validated psychometric.
  • Reporting identifies any challenges that may emerge as a result of similarities or differences to the rest of the board.
  • Designed to be actionable and useful for each individual and the chair in understanding the styles and preferences of different board members and potential for conflict.

Director 360

  • The 360 is a review of the behaviours and capability of an individual director from fellow board members, internal and external stakeholders. Provides a validated view of competencies and capabilities. 
  • Full feedback is only available to the individual (with a non-identified, aggregated capabilities report available across the board).

FAQs on the Not-For-Profit Grant program:

What is the Grant program?

BoardOutlook offer a generous grant program of up to $50k in kind for not-for-profit organisations to use the BoardOutlook platform to conduct rigorous board performance evaluations and reviews. This program gives eligible not-for-profit organisations access to the same platform used by many ASX100 organisations to ensure a comprehensive governance review.

What will the grant cover?

The $50k grant will cover a full and comprehensive board review process and performance improvement process without any out-of-pocket costs. As part of this process, you will be able to use any (or all) of the main BoardOutlook modules, with specifically designed NFP templates.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible for the Grant Program, your organisation must:

  • Hold Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status or equivalent
  • Have total revenue in the most recent financial year of less than $50m.
  • Have an appropriately established board of directors.

Each of these factors is decided in the sole determination of BoardOutlook, on the basis of the information you provide in your application.

What training is provided?

We offer a full and comprehensive half day training workshop on how to get the most out of the platform. Under the NFP program, we require at least one member of your board (typically the Chair) and one administrator (typically either the CEO or Company Secretary) to attend this workshop to understand how to get the most out of BoardOutlook and your evaluation program. NFP workshops are held via Zoom five times a year on the first Thursday of March, May, July, September and November from 9am-1pm.

Does the grant renew in subsequent years?

BoardOutlook will typically renew approved grants annually (so long as you continue to meet eligibility criteria).

Request a NFP Grant application form:

If you are an eligible not-for-profit organisation, you can request a grant application form below: