The BoardOutlook Platform delivers dramatically better listed board reviews

BoardOutlook has solutions for listed boards of all scales, whether you’re looking to satisfy regulatory requirements, support board renewal or improve performance. Use BoardOutlook standalone or in conjunction with an external facilitator – the choice is yours.

Why is BoardOutlook a better alternative for your listed board?

Much more than just a survey

BoardOutlook delivers a comprehensive toolkit for board review and reporting. The platform includes modules for board review and evaluation, skills matrix, board approach (team psychometric), individual director 360s and director screening / recruitment.

The right questions for every type of board

BoardOutlook uses research supported questions, tested for efficacy across hundreds of organisations. We have multiple frameworks ready for boards of all challenges and maturity levels. These frameworks intelligently dive deeper, asking directors for behaviours and examples ensuring a substantial level of qualitative feedback.

Automatic follow up and report compilation

BoardOutlook provides end-to-end workflow management to ensure a hassle free board review processes. The BoardOutlook platform automates follow-ups and reporting, saving days of time and hassle.

Benchmarks, trends and alignment

The BoardOutlook platform gives you the benefit of data and benchmarks. Understand board/management alignment, longitudinal trends and compare the behaviours of your board and organisation to those of others in similar industries facing similar challenges.

Confidentiality and security by design

Traditional board review processes introduce substantial confidentiality risks through data collection and compilation of results. BoardOutlook delivers end to end security and encryption, supported by annual audits and penetration tests.

More than a static report (with integrated actions)

Move beyond static PDF reports with an interactive action framework. Directors can interact with the report by applying flags and comments to any recommendations or result items. Flags can be used to indicate areas for immediate attention, further investigation and board discussion


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See BoardOutlook in action:

Board evaluation

  • The board evaluation is a holistic review of the behaviours and capability of the board as a whole
  • The evaluation covers all key review areas, with different templates available by type of organisation, board maturity and review depth.

Skills matrix

  • An automated and accurate solution to monitor board capability. Get an instant look at how your board stacks up against a proven skills and capability matrix
  • Directors answer an intuitive questionnaire and can validate through their network if required.
  • Integrate with the BoardOutlook recruiting module to instantly see the impact of new candidates on board dynamics and capability.

Board approach

  • A review of the style of each individual director built on a validated psychometric.
  • Reporting identifies any challenges that may emerge as a result of similarities or differences to the rest of the board.
  • Designed to be actionable and useful for each individual and the chair in understanding the styles and preferences of different board members and potential for conflict.

Director 360

  • The 360 is a review of the behaviours and capability of an individual director from fellow board members, internal and external stakeholders. Provides a validated view of competencies and capabilities. 
  • Full feedback is only available to the individual (with a non-identified, aggregated capabilities report available across the board).

Features of the BoardOutlook platform and approach:

A dynamic survey experience that’s much more like an interview

Rather than the traditional survey experience, BoardOutlook uses dynamic questions that dig deeper to understand behaviours and circumstances. Whilst no two people experience an identical survey, the structure and framework ensures all key topics are covered in an unbiased manner. This dynamic approach delivers a large amount of qualitative feedback, providing high levels of context.

Customised to your board

All BoardOutlook templates are customised through the onboarding process, with specifics such as your committee structure, stakeholders and operating units. If required, you have full flexibility to customise questions and template structure. Add or remove questions and change wording to focus on specific areas of most relevance.

Questions that generate real performance discrimination

Many of the traditional questions used in board evaluations get answered the same way by good and bad boards alike. BoardOutlook has researched and tested a set of qualitative and quantitative questions that deliver real performance discrimination.

A collaborative action framework to drive improvement

Move from a static PDF to an interactive action framework that allows all directors to flag issues in the report and propose actions. This action framework automatically generates an issues paper that can be used for board discussion around next steps. The board can elect to allocate or follow up actions at a future point in time (which are automatically tracked for the next board review).

Fast deployment and turnaround (live in hours, reports in weeks)

BoardOutlook has no integrations, which allows rapid deployment (your organisation can be live within hours if required). Automated reminders, report generation and workflow management mean board review processes are completed in weeks, not months.

Workshop modules that enable broader collaboration with management

Moving beyond the board review, organisations can leverage specific functional governance modules to help them confront challenging issues in partnership with management, including crisis management and response, partnering on strategy, talent and succession planning, risk management and driving innovation.

A superior user experience designed for boards

BoardOutlook is designed specifically for the unique challenges of board users. The platform is built around beautiful surveys and deep reports designed just for the challenges of boards. All of this means directors find the platform intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Specifically designed to drive individual director development

High-performing boards start with high-performing individuals with strong self awareness. The BoardOutlook platform allows boards to move from regulatory requirement to a true development exercise. BoardOutlook offers a number of development modules (Director360 and Board Approach psychometric) that are solely focused on individual development and awareness.

Include your management team

BoardOutlook enables you to take a broader view of governance performance, including the management team (without traditional cost or scheduling barriers). Reporting is segmented to enable easy understanding of the consistency and variance between board and management.

Track year-on-year improvement

Traditional board reviews are a once a year event. BoardOutlook allows your board to move to a longitudinal process of ongoing performance improvement. The board can easily track change and improvement over time.

Enterprise grade security

Traditional board review processes introduce substantial confidentiality risks through data collection and compilation of results. BoardOutlook eliminates the risks of uncontrolled and unencrypted digital and physical artefacts that increase the risk of inadvertent data breach. Using BoardOutlook gives your board the protection of end-to-end security and encryption, supported by annual audits and penetration tests.

Use with or without a consultant

Boards always have the option to leverage a highly experienced facilitator in partnership with the BoardOutlook diagnostic. Many boards choose to use BoardOutlook as their default ‘internal’ review solution, with external facilitators providing a view on results biannually.

End-to-end workflows save you time

The BoardOutlook platform automates the process of go-live, reminders and report compilation with our process controller. The controller is completely customisable to your schedule, saves days of time and eliminates the risk of confidentiality breaches and errors in compilation.

Full functionality on any device

The full BoardOutlook toolkit (surveys, reporting and skills matrix) are usable on with full functionality on phone, tablet or desktop. Perfect for busy directors on the go.

Support when you need it

Real support, when you need it. Our team is here to help you succeed every step of the way, with support available via phone and email.

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