Solutions for your organisation

Listed companies

Listed organisations can use BoardOutlook to complete rigorous board reviews and evaluation processes, with or without the support of an external consultant.

Boards and governance teams benefit from research backed questions, integrated workflow management and reporting, full customisability, confidentiality by design and enterprise grade security.

Government and regulatory

Government and regulatory users can leverage BoardOutlook as a suggested or required tool for measuring board performance across any group of organisations.

Government and regulatory users benefit from the full set of board features, plus full cohort standardisation, centralised dashboards and reporting.

Not-for-profit organisations

Not-for-profit organisations benefit from BoardOutlook’s generous $50k grant program.

Under the BoardOutlook NFP grant program eligible not-for-profit organisations can use the BoardOutlook platform to evaluate and review board performance at no charge (up to a spend limit of $50k). NFP boards benefit from the full features of the BoardOutlook platform.

Governance consultants and search firms

Partners and consultants can use BoardOutlook as a tool to assess board performance of individual or multiple organisations.

Partners and consultants benefit from the full set of board features, plus workflow management and status panel, customisable libraries of questions, simple implementation and full infrastructure/tech support.