About BoardOutlook

About the BoardOutlook platform: 

BoardOutlook delivers a comprehensive software toolkit for board performance. Our toolkit includes modules for:

    • Board review and evaluation
    • Skills matrix
    • Board approach (team psychometric)
    • Individual director 360s
    • Director screening and recruitment

In addition, boards can leverage specific functional governance modules to help them confront challenging issues in partnership with management, including:

    • Crisis management and response
    • Partnering on strategy
    • Talent and succession planning
    • Risk management
    • Driving innovation

About the company:

BoardOutlook is the leading platform for board performance, with headquarters and technology development functions located in Melbourne, Australia. Whilst our platform is currently customised for the Australian and New Zealand market, we work with a range of international partners and clients on request.

Our employees come from leading governance and technology organisations. To learn more about working with us and job opportunities, please reach out to us via talent@boardoutlook.com


BoardOutlook partners with selected governance consultants, management consultancies and search firms. Partners leverage the BoardOutlook platform to deliver a superior end-to-end client experience, whilst reducing process and workflow management.

To enquire about becoming a BoardOutlook partner, please visit our Partnerships page or reach out to our team at partnerships@boardoutlook.com

Not-for-profit program:

BoardOutlook believes in the power of good governance for all organisations. We support this commitment by providing grants to eligible not-for-profit organisations to use the BoardOutlook platform.

BoardOutlook makes grants available to eligible not-for-profit organisations for use against BoardOutlook software and services. Under this program not for profit organisations with annual revenue of up to $50m can apply for a grant of up to $50k (which fully covers a standard annual review process).

To find out more details about the grant program, please visit our not-for-profit program page or reach out to our team at nfp@boardoutlook.com

About The Resolution:

BoardOutlook publishes a range of in-depth content to help directors and boards confront challenges. This content is published by The Resolution, and is available online. The Resolution newsletter reaches thousands of directors every month.

The Resolution regularly features perspectives written by experienced directors and consultants. If you’d like to enquire about becoming a contributor to The Resolution, please reach out to our team at theresolution@boardoutlook.com