Why the board shouldn't disruption
Why the board shouldn’t focus on disruption

Everybody is talking about disruption. We’re in an agile economy. It’s easy to imagine we’re at constant risk of being made redundant by something newer and sexier. I’m here to say: stop. You can’t set out to be a disruptor. You can only look for ways to innovative, to challenge the status quo. I’m a strong believer that the more you focus on ‘disruption’ as your outcome, the more likely you are to be the disrupted.

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The 3 ways ASX boards get strategy horribly wrong

Strategy is not an exact science. To get it right boards and management need to be open to discussion, challenge and big thinking. These are elements that stretch and shape not just disruptive organisations, but even the most staid businesses. Yet so many ASX boards get their approach to strategy fundamentally wrong.