Why the board shouldn't disruption
Why the board shouldn’t focus on disruption

Everybody is talking about disruption. We’re in an agile economy. It’s easy to imagine we’re at constant risk of being made redundant by something newer and sexier. I’m here to say: stop. You can’t set out to be a disruptor. You can only look for ways to innovative, to challenge the status quo. I’m a strong believer that the more you focus on ‘disruption’ as your outcome, the more likely you are to be the disrupted.

Why boards are getting crypto wrong

In Australian boardrooms I often hear Bitcoin compared to the tulip bubble. But the comparison is factually wrong – and there’s a number of other reasons why boards can’t dismiss Bitcoin as a pure bubble.

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10 questions for the board to ask on cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a potential minefield of risk. Every company must be thinking about it, and every board needs to be asking the hard questions. By hard questions, I don’t just mean “can people hack our systems?” it’s important to go back even further – what are our systems? How are we exposed? What are we doing to protect ourselves?