Business oversight

Daily question: How do we reset from crisis to business as usual?

Everybody is talking about disruption. We’re in an agile economy. It’s easy to imagine we’re at constant risk of being made redundant by something newer and sexier. I’m here to say: stop. You can’t set out to be a disruptor. You can only look for ways to innovative, to challenge the status quo. I’m a strong believer that the more you focus on ‘disruption’ as your outcome, the more likely you are to be the disrupted.

Centro and technology disasters: When are directors liable?

Most Australian company directors are very aware of the Centro case. The case has very clear implications for how directors deal with and review the company accounts. But I think the broader implications of this case are too frequently missed. More than just financial accounts, Justice Middleton’s judgment sets down how directors must deal with a range of complex issues that go to the survival of the company.