BoardOutlook’s product range

Board Evaluation

The board evaluation is a holistic review of the behaviours and capability of the board as a whole. The evaluation covers all key review areas, with different templates available by type of organisation, board maturity and review depth.

Integrated reporting and action framework

Reporting provides a comprehensive overview, with deep analysis on trends, alignment and areas of focus. Reports are fully interactive, allowing directors to prioritise actions and timelines to improvement.

The right questions for your board

BoardOutlook has multiple frameworks available for boards of varying maturity levels and challenges. You can select from ready-to-use question sets covering topics such as leadership, composition, strategy, risk, committees, talent and stakeholder engagement. 

Automated follow ups and reporting

The platform includes automated follow-ups and reporting, eliminating confidentiality risks and saving days of time and hassle in process management.

Skills Matrix

The Skills Matrix is a simple and comprehensive way for boards to collect and analyse director capability.

Comprehensive and customisable

The skills matrix is fully customisable. Start with your existing framework, or leverage one of our best practice question sets. Multiple frameworks are available catering to organisations of different industries and maturity.

Self assessment with standardisation

The platform is specifically designed to deal with the typical challenges in self assessment:

  • All questions use a rigorous and specific scale
  • Directors must confirm their capability in a range of relevant skills when providing any high level rating
  • The platform challenges respondents if they submit ratings that are substantially above or below the typical director on similar boards
Flexible reporting

Reporting is easy to understand and use. It’s simple to drill down on specific skills, or to mix and match directors in the context of upcoming board renewal.

Director 360 Feedback

The Director 360 is a review of the behaviours and capability of an individual director from fellow board members, internal and external stakeholders. It provides a validated view of competencies and capabilities.

Constructive and productive

The Director 360 is an individual feedback process specifically designed for directors. Through a short and focused feedback process, the 360 helps directors to collect performance feedback from the rest of the board in a controlled and secure environment.

Quick and customisable

The 360 process takes 5-10 minutes to complete per director. Directors are asked a short series of questions covering topics such as commerciality, financial capability, preparation, communication and key relationships. Questions can be customised to any specific focus areas for your board.

Improve self awareness, improve board performance

The Director 360 is designed to lift the performance of the board by improving the self awareness of each individual director. Following distribution of the report, we encourage each director to have a development conversation with their chair.

Board Approach Psychometric

The Board Approach Psychometric identifies any challenges that may emerge as a result of similarities or differences across the board.

Identify opportunities for misunderstanding

The Board Approach psychometric reviews the style of each individual director, highlighting any challenges that may emerge as a result of similarities or differences across the board.

It is actionable for each director and the chair, helping individuals to understand how their style may make others uncomfortable or generate unintended responses. It also highlights any biases that exist across the entire board, including risks around group think and diversity of thought

Validated across millions of professionals

The evaluation covers a range of distinct behavioural areas including Reactivity, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Optimism.

The module is built on two widely used personality measures that have been validated with millions of individuals.

Quick and secure

The Board Approach survey is completed by each individual director with respect to themselves. Each board member’s profile is then integrated to generate the overall benchmark. The diagnostic takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Functional governance modules

BoardOutlook offers a range of functional governance modules to help Boards confront challenging issues in partnership with management, including:
Crisis management and response

The Crisis Management and Response module helps boards to systematically work through any crisis response situation. Key areas include leadership, cashflow, runway, customers, competitive dynamics, operational and legal issues and health and safety.

Partnering on strategy

The Partnering on Strategy module helps boards build partnership with management around strategy. Key areas include boundary setting, key challenges, capabilities and resources, risk tolerance and the alignment around the central idea.

Talent and succession planning

The Talent and Succession Planning module helps boards to comprehensively understand organisational talent and succession planning. Key areas include CEO succession, talent pipeline, culture,
EVP, oversight and talent leadership.

Risk management

The Risk Alignment module helps boards to systematically align with management around risk exposures, management and appetite. Key areas include risk framework, risk leadership, connections to strategy, risk appetite, identification and treatment/mitigation.

Driving innovation

The Innovation module helps boards to build partnership with management on innovation. Key areas include historical innovation, R&D metrics, linkages to strategy and risk, innovation pipeline, prioritisation and partnerships.