Legal documents

BoardOutlook Legals

Important documents

The following are important legal documents with respect to your use of BoardOutlook:

In addition to these documents, if you are a paid customer of BoardOutlook, your use of the software and our obligations to you are governed by a Customer Agreement, which has been provided to your Board Administrator (typically your company secretary or chair).

Terms update (May 2020)

The BoardOutlook Terms of Service were updated on 14 May 2020 (You can compare the new version to the old version). The changes are largely focused on simplifying the document, to make it clearer who is responsible for what.

Whilst it’s no substitute for reading the document in full, we always want to provide a quick plain language translation of what we’re changing and why:

  • Under the previous version, there was some complexity around the definitions of the User and Customer which made the whole agreement harder to read and understand. We’ve updated the definitions of these terms to make them clearer. This also makes it substantially easier to understand who is responsible for what in your engagement with BoardOutlook.
  • We’ve made this change based on feedback that a number of directors found it hard to understand which parts of the agreement related to them, and which parts related to the company as a whole.
  • There have been no material changes to any clauses that protect your data, privacy or confidentiality.

If you’re an existing user of BoardOutlook, these updated terms and conditions will come into effect the next time you sign in to the platform.