Senior Software Engineer at BoardOutlook

BoardOutlook is hiring a senior software engineer (full stack engineer with strong understanding of C# .Net, SQL, Javascript, jQuery and CSS) to help us accelerate our product build-out.

Below we’ve included more detail on:
* Why you want to work for BoardOutlook
* About the role (and you)
* Location
* Compensation
* About our hiring process
* How to apply

Why you want to work for BoardOutlook:

BoardOutlook builds performance management software for the Board of Directors of large organisations. Practically, our software helps boards to:
* Review their own performance
* Measure and understand skill gaps
* Assess the performance of the CEO
* Understand key risks across the organisation

Watch videos of the product in action here:
* Introduction and overview
* Board Evaluation
* Skills Matrix
* Director 360
* Board Approach Psychometric

What this means in practice is helping people who run large organisations to make better decisions when it counts. In the average year, a large board will take decisions that will have major economic impact, keep hundreds of thousands of people employed and have huge environmental and social consequences. These are the decisions that we help improve every day.

Many organisations talk about impact, but at BoardOutlook you can see meaningful and substantial benefits every day in our work. If our software helps a board to make great decisions, thousands of people might keep their jobs. A diagnostic design might lead to a large oil and gas producer changing their sustainability policy, or adopting a new strategy for diversity. We hold a mirror up to people who make critical decisions that shape the way we will live and work in the future.

In addition, we make the BoardOutlook platform available to charities and not-for profits under our NFP grant program. Over the past year we’ve given away over $500k of grants to support NFP access.

If you’re interested in investing markets, the way large companies get run, how decisions get made in the country’s largest boardrooms – you’ll find our work fascinating. The challenges we deal with are substantial and have multi-billion dollar impacts in the way businesses and countries work. Ultimately we believe in business as a force for good in the world and people’s lives. Our software and our frameworks are all designed to nudge our users this way.

Our software sits across survey design, psychometrics, business intelligence reporting, analytics and workflow management. We deliver this as an end-to-end tool built in .Net / native Javascript running on Azure. Our entire application is delivered web first through the browser.

Despite the fact we’re relatively new (launched in July 2019), we’ve won many of the largest companies in the country as our clients (in addition to state and federal governments). We’re backed by a top tier list of investors. Our revenue growth trajectory is impressive and continues to accelerate. For all these reasons we need help to continue to capture the opportunity that sits in front of us.

About this role (and you):

This role is amongst our first external hires. We’re after a full stack engineer with strong understanding of C# .Net, SQL, Javascript, jQuery and CSS to help us accelerate our product build-out.

Some of the things we’ll be looking for (that will help you succeed in this role):
* You’ve worked in or around both startups and larger corporates
* You like high amounts of autonomy
* You’re willing to work hard when required to get things delivered
* You have an unusually high quality threshold – you’re the one who’s typically picking up the errors in other people’s code
* You’re not intimidated by our users, who include many of the most powerful individuals in the country
* You have an interest in large business and the work we do
* You’ve owned the build out of products and features – working with stakeholders to make good long-term architecture decisions
* You have a well developed approach to testing and quality control
* You have a strong understanding of web application security protocols (and data encryption methods)
* You’re experienced working with version control (GIT, Source Tree, Bit Bucket) and platform-as-a-service environments (ideally Azure)
* You’re obsessive about good UX

If you’re the right person for this role, all of this will be more exciting than intimidating.


Melbourne based, remote friendly within Australia.

Whilst we anticipate re-opening an office in Melbourne when we are able to, we are happy to hire the right person located anywhere in Australia for this role. We do have some security requirements that mean you need to be located within Australia, but within this scope we’re definitely remote friendly.


We’re committed to pay at market rates, with an ability for you to choose your level of equity exposure under our ESOP.

About our hiring process:

Ultimately this is a software based role and we care more about what you can do than the way you interview.

Whilst we will speak to you through the hiring process to gauge cultural fit, candidates we believe might be great will be asked to complete a paid full day code test, which will ask you to work on a discrete full-stack task within a small section of our codebase.

How to apply:

To apply for this role we are asking you to submit a short email with the following:
* A written outline of your relevant experience – this can be an attached CV or LinkedIn URL
* Relevant projects you’ve worked on – preferably in the form of a GitHub profile or other URLs
* Any additional information you think we should consider

We’re giving you a lot of discretion as to the format of your application, but please make it easy for us to see why you’re likely to succeed in this role. We will get lots of applications and we’d hate to miss talking to someone exceptional, so make sure you stand out.

Please send your application including these details to talent [at] boardoutlook [dot] com – Please make sure you include “Senior Software Engineer” within the subject line of your email. We’ll be in touch to confirm receipt of your application.

Referring candidates:

If this role isn’t for you, but you know someone great who might be a good fit, please suggest them to us (an email cc’ing in the individual to our hiring address is fine). If we end up hiring your suggestion we will gratefully pay a referral bonus of a brand new MacBook Pro.

Recruitment agencies are welcome to suggest candidates, but the full extent of our payment for any successful candidates will be the MacBook Pro as outlined above.